The Sniper

Posted: March 27, 2010 in Uncategorized

“It doesn’t matter how many people I’ve killed, what matters is how I get along with the ones that are living.” – Jimmy “The Tulip” Tudeski

I don’t know who you are, and neither do you know me.

I don’t what you’ve done and frankly, I don’t care.

All I know is, I was sent here for you. There can only be one reason.

Because individuals like you deserve men like me.

You are the reason I exist. You make me necessary. In a way, you complete me.

I see you outside your house, drinking your coffee. Smoking your cigarette.

Then you look at me. And for a moment, we lock eyes, and my heart skips a beat.

But I know you don’t see me. I’m too good for that.

Then your face breaks into a faint smile. What memory triggered that, I wonder?

A loved one? A moment in your distant past?

How I would like to go down there and ask you.

But my place is here. On this hillside, looking over you like a guardian angel.

For seven hours I’ve lain here, waiting for a sign.

The one that will decide your fate. For it is not up to me.

I am but the messenger. And my message brings Death in a 7.62mm NATO slug.

Suddenly, I see movement behind you. A little child. A boy of two or three.

Followed by a pretty young woman. Your son and your wife? I was never told.

Does your wife know that you are responsible for ordering the deaths of women and children? I would think not. No woman could love a man like that.

The boy runs awkwardly on his little feet towards you, teetering as if he’s about to fall.

I’ll admit grudgingly, it was a moment that tugged at my heartstrings.

For I have little boy of my own, much younger than the one you now held in your arms.

And then, as if the Universe itself conspired against us both, my radio crackles to life. Through my earpiece.

“Viking Two or Viking One, Voodoo-Six.” The voice of my commander.

Viking Two, my partner, acknowleged.

“Voodoo-Six, Viking Two. Go ahead. Viking One has the Tango.” Silence.

“Copy, Viking One has the Tango. Be advised, negotiations have failed. Terminate your Tango.” Silence.

“Understood, Voodoo-Six. Viking One will X-ray (terminate) the Tango.” Silence.

The decision’s been made. We’re now at The Point Of No Return.

I look at you through my Leupold scope. How happy your family is.

I watch you give your son a last hug, then he runs to your wife, and they both go back inside.

I’ve said it before. Lady Fate’s one sick bitch.

Viking Two turned towards me, sensing I was lost in my thoughts.

“I can take this one, if you want.”, he said.

I replied, “No, I’ll do it. This one’s mine.”

For how could you ever ask anyone to relieve you of such a burden?

This was a burden that only I must carry. I look through my scope.

Carefully, I place the cross-hair in the center of your chest. Then I move it to the left and slightly down, about an inch or two.

This would ensure that my round will penetrate your lung.

Why am I doing this? My orders were very specific, friend.

You are not to die a quick death.

That is something you reserve for a fellow warrior, or a worthy adversary.

You are neither.

I take a deep breath. I exhale slowly, and halfway through it I stop and hold it.

At this point the blood starts going to my head. In fifteen seconds my vision will start to tunnel, and my hand will start to tremble.

I feel a calmness come over me.

I am in the zone now. My own bubble. And you are in it.

I move the safety switch forward, and the very tip of my finger is resting on the side of the trigger.

And as I have done many times before, I give the trigger that final, almost loving caress.

I don’t hear the rifle’s report. I almost never do.

Just that firm nudge as it kicks back into my shoulder pocket.

I lose you in my scope for a moment.

When I reacquire, I see you sprawled on your back. Your wife comes out the door, running.

She screams when she sees you lying there, your blood staining the ground.

And as intended, you are still alive. But barely.

The blood will fill your lungs, and you will drown in it.

Nothing your wife does will save you. If only she were not here to see this.

Her screams will haunt me for the rest of my days.

It takes three minutes for you to die, and through my scope, I watch you take your last breath.

Whatever thoughts I had were interrupted by the words coming through my earpiece.

“Voodoo-Six, Viking Two. Tango is X-ray. Repeat, Tango is X-ray. Mission complete.”

  1. moonmirae says:

    waaah. scary tito beh…

  2. maelfatalis is in the sky with diamonds says:

    Fuck you bits. I love it. I was feeling every word of it.

  3. i could actually visualize this and feel it. even the coldness of the soldier who had to pull the trigger

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